Brazos County Large Animal volunteers during an emergency!! Brazos County Large Animal Issues Committee
is looking for volunteers during an emergency!!

I am emailing you in hopes that you will pass this email along to people in your equestrian groups that may live around the Brazos Valley
area.  The Brazos County Large Animal Issues Committee is called upon to set up and receive livestock (including horses) that may be evacuating from other areas in Texas due to a emergency situation.  This may be from coastal areas during a hurricane or currently, may be from anywhere due to the wildfires.

If you have anyone who would like to volunteer please have them contact me and we will contact

them to get further information.

Thanks for your help!

Sandra Nunn-

American Assoc.

of Equine Veterinary Technicians- Imm.

Past President
TARVT Associate Rep
LA Medicine Technical Supervisor
TAMU Veterinary Medical Center
4457 TAMU
College Station, TX