Elections Are Coming Up

Directors of the TSHC met a few weeks ago and it was discussed at length, that in order to really broaden our reach throughout Texas that we need to find people to be on the board from different parts of the state such as Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, etc. The Texas State Horse Council was originally the Greater Houston Horse Council and board members have always been located within the Houston area. It is hard to know if situations are occurring in areas of Texas that effect horses and horse owners if you do not live there. I am sure that most people in the state did not realize that riding on the beach in the winter months in Galveston was in jeopardy. The horse council stepped in and had meetings with the decision makers and made certain that beach riding for horses did not go away. The volunteer time on your part will not be much unless you are able to devote more. Basically, we just need people that will step up and be a voice for the horse community in your area, if a voice is needed and to advise the council of any situations that maybe going. We will have four meetings a year and if you cannot personally attend due to distance, you can still be involved by conference call or through other means such as skype. There have been times in the past that during a Texas legislative session that people on the council have spoken at hearings and lobbied for a piece of legislation that was introduced that involved horses. It basically just depends on what is going on at the time and if our assistance is needed. We are planning on putting on a Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue event in 2016. We have done this same event in the past and it was very well attended and extremely educational. All of us currently on the board are very excited to broaden the horse council and to truly be a voice for the entire state. If you or you may know someone that maybe interested in being on the board for the TSHC council, please contact Julie at jcaramante@gmail.com. Please include a short bio, your location and why you feel that you would be an asset to the horse council. Board positions are elected positions and elections are in Nov.

Thank you very much!

Julie Caramante