Equestrian Trails

The rapid growth of the City of Houston has eliminated many areas that were once available for use by the horseman. Nevertheless, opportunities for riding still abound in the greater Houston area. There is growing recognition of the fact that we must set aside natural areas for conservation, recreation and flood control. We should all strive to be sure that horses are included in planning for future recreational opportunities.Visit this spot from time to time. We shall try to keep you apprised of trail developments, and we shall try to gather information about where you may ride your horse.

Riding Opportunities in Southeast Texas

Harris County Parks

  • Pundt Park
    Harris Co., Precint 4
    4129 Spring Creek Rd .
    Spring, Texas 77090
    Ph: 281-353-4196
  • Bear Creek Park
    Harris County Precinct 3
    Ph: 281-496-2177

    • George Bush Park
      Harris County, Precinct 3
      Equestrian Parking at the end of S. Barker Cypress Rd
      Ph: 281-496-2177

    Parks Overseen by the City of Houston

    • Lake Houston Park
      Formerly Lake Houston State Park. There is no access to Lake Houston, despite the name.It is located at 22031 Baptist Encampment Road in New Caney, Texas 77357-7731. Baptist Encampment Rd. is reached from FM 1485, which runs from New Caney to Huffman.Much of the park is low and wet, and equestrian use is restricted to certain designated trails, so we suggest you contact the park before hauling there to ride. Phone number: 281-354-6881.

    State Parks with Equestrian Trails

    • Lake Livingston State Park
      Livery Stable – Visitors may NOT bring their own horses.
      Ph: 936-365-2201
      Ph: 281-496-2177
    • A private ranch that hosts numerous trail rides is the 7IL Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas. For information, check their web site: http://7iltrails.com or give them a call at 979.236.5552.
    • Just north of Houston, near Intercontinental Airport and on Cypress Creek, is a private stable, Cypress Trails, with access to miles of trails. Emphasis is on endurance and pleasure riding. Web site: http://www.horseridingfun.com Phone: 281.446.7232.
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife


    Follow in the hoofprints of early conquistadors, Indians, colonists, and cowboys. State parks offer horseback riders some of the best scenery in Texas.

    Whether you’re planning for a day or a week on the trail, enjoyment and comfort should be the first priority for both horses and riders.

    Unless otherwise stated, the only expenses are park entrance and/or camping fees. Day use is included in the park entrance fee, but camping incurs an additional charge. Horse rentals are available near a few parks as noted below.

    IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE TEXAS ANIMAL HEALTH COMMISSION: No person may enter a state park with an equine or equines, or cause the entry of an equine or equines to a state park, unless that person has in their immediate possession, for each equine in the person’s custody or equine that the person allowed to enter the state park, a completed VS Form 10-11 (Texas Animal Health Commission) showing that the equine has tested negative to an official Equine Infectious Anemia test within the previous 12 months. The documentation required by this subsection shall be made available for inspection upon the request of any department employee acting within the scope of official duties.